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MAK NITE Tuesday, 10.10.2006 / 8pm

Uncanny Carinthia
an Aktion evening by Ernst Logar

On the occasion of the carinthian anniversary of the referendum of
October 10th, 1920, Ernst Logar has realized an evening which raises
the issue of the phenomenon of the split identity within
austrian/slowenian Carinthia as well as Carinthia's historic events
and todays political relation to the subject.

Panel discussion to the topic "Being Carinthian!"

Trautl Brandstaller political scientist, publicist
Lojze Wieser publisher, editor, publicist, spokesperson for the initiative
"Pro Kärtnten"
Stefan Karner historian, since 2005 presenter of "Kärnten-Konsenses"
Presentation: Peter Huemer journalist and editor

Concept and video installation: Ernst Logar

With the contribution of the Choir of the Slowenian Students in Vienna
Richard Amon (choirmaster)

silence - Underground  Station  Karlsplatz
MAK NITE - Choir of the Slowenian Students in Vienna
© Markus Ladstätter 2006

silence - Underground  Station  Karlsplatz
MAKNITE - Panel discussion
© Markus Ladstätter 2006